About us
About us

Vision for your business

APTUS Software is a young company, a team with extensive expertise in the development and implementation of customized software solutions. We are combining our passion with the latest technologies, in order to build innovative solutions, proper for each and every customer.

Our expertise in the development and implementation of advanced software applications is our main advantage that we greet with those customers wishing to build a powerful IT system. No matter the project complexity, WE surely do have the solution.

Our resources are involved in providing the most valuable software solutions for the field of logistics and supply chain management, augmented reality, smart software apps, Smart Cities, business software applications.

We are using the best practices, standards and methodologies for the entire life cycle of each application - software or web, from the design to the successful implementation and post-delivery support.

The respect we have towards our customers and partners represent an important competitive benefit for our company. We are dynamic, flexible and aiming to innovative solutions for our customers, based on optimal resources. The professionalism and commitment we approach each project are the prerequisites of our success and of the success of those we are working with.

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About us

Certifications and Partnerships

The proof of our professionalism are certifications and partnerships with international solution providers and top organizations

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