APTUS Software, partner at VRX EUROPE 2016 Conference, LONDON, Great Britain

What are the latest developments in the field of virtual reality? What you need to know about virtual reality? Last week, APTUS Software attended one of the most important conference dedicated to virtual reality: VRX Europe 2016 held in London in the period 12 to 13 May.

Our company participated as exhibitor at the event, presenting at the stand some of virtual reality solutions projected by APTUS team.
APTUS's presence at this event demonstrates our company's ongoing interest for understanding market trends. We always strive for interaction and direct communication with our existing and potentials partners and customers, to propose their solutions perfectly tailored to the requirements. Each participation at such events means a step forward in our endeavor to add value to virtual reality applications market.

"We presented during this event latest applications developed by our team of programmers and 3D developers in research projects conducted over the last two years. We consider Virtual Reality to be one of the most innovative technologies available on the market today, with great potential in the coming period, so our company has been involved for the past few years in this area. This event allowed us to interact with some of the most relevant player on the RV market and the interest of participants for our solutions made us happy and confirms our confidence in this direction of development" Camelia Achelaritei, International Sales Manager.

VRX Europe brought together VR industry professionals (especially in the video game industry, entertainment and brand marketing), and at the event were demonstrations for the most innovative hardware systems, the latest applications developed by specialized companies and were presented examples of best practice in virtual reality.

The conference was attended by approximately 430 guests representing major companies providing products and services in the field of virtual reality and were debated supported aspects of the future of RV technology, which are the development trends in this area and in which RV apps is invested the most.