OneCard Solution

OneCard Solution, efficient management and control system for Universities

The need to control, coordinate and administrate all the processes that take place within university centres is constant in the activities of most universities.

For this reason, APTUS Software developed a complete management system for universities, that consists a complex APTUS OneCard Solution software, efficient equipment and services at the highest standards.

OneCard Solution is a management IT system for universities, that is based on coordinating and controlling in real-time every performed activity, by both students and also by the university staff. Thus, judicious organizing of educational and administrative processes and ensuring safety of university spaces will become efficient activities.

General functions:

    • Centralized management of access rights in the university centres
    • Generates reports and analyses to support managerial decision-making
    • Generates specific reports of sales and use of cards
    • Eases the storage process and use of various academic resources
    • Real-time checking of informations about certain resources and the availability of various documents
    • Monitoring the status of the documents processing
    • Configuring and managing promotions in the commercial areas (libraries, cafeterias)

Specific functions

For the efficient running of all activities within the academic spaces, the application was designed to optimally cover every specific type of activity:

  • Access control and attendance
  • Payments and account charging
  • Resource management