Room Manager

Room reservation management system 

The necessity of an accurate administration of the booking of meeting rooms, and eliminating redundant activities that can occur during the reservation process are constant in the activities of most companies. For this reason, APTUS Software developed the Room Manager application.

Room Manager is a software solution dedicated to the management of the meeting room reservations in an organisation. The solution provides both efficient management of reservations, as well as advantages such as a customizable graphic interface or ordering products for protocol in meetings (coffee, water, etc.)

General functions:

  • Booking boardrooms on any station within the company through the web interface, and also directly from the client’s e-mail calendar (eg.: Microsoft Outlook)
  • View meetings in progress and/or following meetings with all the necessary  information (hours, name, participants, booked by...etc.) directly on display, or on the working station
  • Browsing through the old/new reservation list
  • Automatic update system
  • Automatic authentication on the booking module for users in the company network

Specific functions

  • Defining users, levels of acces
  • Defining product lists that can be ordered directly from the touchscreen displays
  • Displays configuration

Benefits for organizations

  • Easy and correct management of boardroom reservations
  • Eliminates booking overlapping
  • Reduces time spent booking
  • Eliminates redundant activities that can appear in the process of boardrooms reservation
  • Access to the boardrooms reservation module on every station within the organization, as the system automatically recognizes the user
  • Integration with internal mail system
  • Live view of informations regarding a boardroom status (free, occupied, for how long, by whom, purpose, etc.)
  • Possibility of instant booking of a free boardroom
  • Ordering products for protocol for a meeting directly from the system
  • Multiple graphic customization options of the displays of each boardroom