Locally Implemented World-Leading Solutions

In the field of logistics and supply chain management, our team, APTUS Software has won the status of number 1 expert in Romania. This position was acquired following the performance of the most advanced turnkey projects in Romania in the filed.

We provide world-leading solutions, locally customized, but also in-house solutions.

APTUS is always prepared with solutions for the challenges arise along the logistics chain. The proposed solutions have their origins in the demand forecasting, in the warehouse and store replenishment planning, manufacturing planning and operational and sales tasks budgeting. It goes on with the performance part, providing solutions for warehouse management, transportation and truck routing, loading management, manufacturing performance systems. And they reach all the way to monitoring and tracking these processes, video systems synchronized with the events along the logistic chain process, business to business online platforms for the partners and customers of the logistics companies.

The comprehensive and various expertise of APTUS team allows the development of a large solution range, additional modules and multiple application systems within a company.

In what concerns the relationship with our customers, we are focused on logistics consulting, rather than IT consulting, the team members being mainly assessed in this regard.



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