Public events acces management

Acknowledging the need for a more efficient control and management of processes of access, and also the issuance and sale of tickets or subscriptions for sport arenas, concert halls, museums, landmarks, parking lots, spaces for recreational activities (bowling, billiards, spa centres), fairs and exhibition centers, hotels, etc, APTUS Software developed the APTUS Ticketing application.

APTUS Ticketing is an IT management system that integrates and is also based on access control systems, access cards and payments management systems, and on dedicated softwares that control and report the operations performed.

General functions:

  • Centralized management of access rights on stadiums, ski runs, parking lots, concert halls, landmarks, etc
  • Real-time verification of informations about certain resources (available parking spaces, occupancy of auditoriums, etc)
  • Administration and registration in the database system of each ticket sale
  •  Management of the number of people through automatic distribution depending on the level of the desks occupancy, thus preventing the formations of queues
  • Generates reports and analyses to support managerial decisions
  • Generates specific reports of sales and cards usage

The advandatges of APTUS Ticketing

APTUS Ticketing stands out through the multiple advantages that it offers:

  • Uses both standard technologies, as well as cutting-edge technologies
  • Offers the possibility to identify the number of sold tickets and subscriptions, and the number of people in the building
  • Ensures a steady flow of people, as well as it allows analyzing it
  • Offers each client the possibility of customized reports, according to each client’s needs
  • Simplifies the management of free parking spaces, remaining seats in concert halls, etc.
  • Blocks access to the people that do not have tickets or subscriptions for the specific event
  • Reduces waiting time in queues, and enhances the efficiency of operators
  • Reduces crime in the locations where is implemented
  • Protects goods and people against vandalism or violent acts
  • Can be updated and adapted permanently
  • It is a customizable solution that can be adapted to each client’s requests
  • It has an intuitive interface, easy to use by clients and also by operators