Sisteme 3D, AR si VR
Sisteme 3D, AR si VR

AR and VR Systems

Our solutions go from Phone to Dome, powering devices as small as a mobile phone all the way to the 30 person Idome. We offer a true cross platform solution enabling Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and interactive 3D applications to seamlessly work with over 30 platforms.

Personal Systems

For individual Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, users can have a highly interactive and personal experience with Reality’s Personal AR and VR Systems spanning from mobile phones and tablets to desktop solutions.

Group Systems

Take your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications to a wider audience with Reality’s Group Systems. Tradeshows and Classrooms greatly benefit from AR, VR, and interactive 3D experiences.

Immersive Systems

Place your users directly inside a Virtual Reality simulation and get hands on experience with Reality’s Immersive Systems. Training, Marketing, and Design can be drastically improved with these systems.

AR and VR Systems Applications

AR and VR Systems are being used in many industries in various capacities, very often involving job training or new ways of introducing an audience to a concept or experience.

In our dedicated research lab we are developing solutions for Healthcare, Entertainment, Automotive, Advertising, Education, Tourism, Space, Skilled trades, Military and law enforcement.